The broken windows of the abandoned sanitarium are foreboding and ominous, yet darkly inviting. The inmates have long since departed, but their suffering remains imprinted on the stagnant air of the empty wards. The door at the front of the overgrown madhouse has been ripped from its hinges. It would be easy to cross the threshold, but we hesitate. There is a chill emanating from the gaping entrance. What demons or ghosts lurk in the shadows of the rotting insane asylum? What horrors will befall us if we choose to step inside? Walk beside Wheeler through the maze of the Old Asylum. Follow his echoing footsteps into the darkest corners of the abandoned mental hospital. Long time Weird NJ correspondent Wheeler Antabanez is uniquely qualified to open doors at the Old Asylum that no one even knew existed.

Feel your heart pound along with The Trespasser as he narrowly avoids being arrested by the police

Take a closer look at the mysterious BLAKDRAC graffiti appearing high above the North Jersey landscape

Learn Seduction Instructions to impress your girlfriend at the Old Asylum and make her fall in love with you

Find out what macabre fate befalls The Boy Who Loved Halloween

Follow two pot-smoking lovebirds up to the roof of The Old Asylum and see what happens when the sun goes down

Discover the power of the infamous SIX SIX SIX manuscript and try not to lose your mind as you read the forbidden words

Hear the tale of the Blizzard Beast, who stalks his prey in the snow and, if he doesn't kill you, will surely drive you insane

Weep along with The Dry Man until your tears are parched and your skin begins to peel

Gain insight into Wheeler's true-life adventures at the Old Asylum in a bonus interview, Sanatorium Days Overbrook Nights

Enjoy The Old Asylum: Acrylic on Canvas a series of eighteen paintings by Wheeler, produced exclusively for this book

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“wonderfully sick reading... It's the long-term history he has with these spaces that lends authenticity to the fiction... adrenaline pumping, police-avoiding, flashlight-wielding action... ideal for people who need a break from happy endings.” –Weird NJ 

Wheeler Antabanez is the author of gasstationthoughts (Barricade Books, 2001),which caused a stir when Antabanez was arrested for its contents. Despite the drama surrounding gasstationthoughts, Wheeler is probably best known for his Weird NJ special issue, Nightshade on the Passaic, which chronicles his canoe explorations of the Passaic River in New Jersey. He has a forthcoming novel, Matt and Jess Forever, and is currently finishing work on his non-fiction speedboat-adventure, Wheeler on the Passaic. The Old Asylum is his latest release. The book is a must-have for anyone who has ever driven past a forsaken mental hospital and wondered what went on inside. The Old Asylum is available in print and ebook formats. It can be purchased directly from the publisher at or wherever fine books are sold.

The Old Asylum and Other Stories
Wheeler Antabanez
ISBN: 978-1-944697-01-3 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-944697-02-0 (ebook)
150 Pages
Pub date: June 2016
Sagging Meniscus Press
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